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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thriller Thursday - Clara Ober - Murder or Suicide? Part 2

Aug 8, 1895
Blue Earth Post
Faribault Co., MN, USA

Brother and Wife Visit Freund

On Sunday forenoon, a brother of Mr. Jacob FREUND, who is confined in the jail at this place on the charge of being implicated in the murder of Clara OBER, was visited by a brother whom he had not seen for ten years and also by his wife.

At first the deputy sheriff did not know whether to admit them, but Attorney CRAY being present they were admitted to talk to the prisoner.

When the brothers first met and greeted each other by shaking hands through the bars, Mr. FREUND said, "I suppose you did not expect ever to see me in such a place?" He replied that he did not and both were visibly affected
-- Mankato Review


Aug. 8 1895
Blue Earth Post
Faribault Co., MN, USA

In an interview with the Mankato Review Jacob FREUND lays the charge of his arrest to the feeling between the saloon and anti-saloon element in Blue Earth City. The saloon question was not thought of in connection with the affair. Both the license and anti-license people were united in suspicioning his complicity with the death of Clara OBER, by reason of the long-continued circumstances that culminated on that fatal night, while not a few of both sides were in doubt as to which horn of the dilemma to choose - suicide or murder. The question of license or no-license for the present year was settled at the polls in April. What interests the entire community now is, was Clara OBER murdered, and if so, by whom? The people are asking, who but one could have any motive for the cruel deed, and did he do it? It is very shrewd in Jacob FREUND to attempt to gain the sympathy and partisanship of the local saloon or license party in his favor. That element would hang him just as quick as the other if there can be found evidence enough to convict him. If he is not guilty the no-license people would not hang him. But guilty or not guilty it is the united sentiment of the citizens of Blue Earth City, to speak ironically, that his usefulness here is ended.

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