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Monday, January 30, 2012

Amanuensis Monday - Ferdinand E. Eberlein - Feb. 18, 1863 - Civil War

Camp near Germantown
February 18, 1863
Dear Parents,

Today I received your esteemed letter dated the 4th of this month in good health, thank God. I received a very disturbing letter from brother Eduard on the 10th of this month saying that he volunteered to join the soldiers (this must be a mistake), that he left everything with strangers, which I don't like at all, people I don't know, but your letter made me feel better and gave me new courage. Your letters mean so much to me.

I sent Eduard 85 dollars for construction and to buy young farm animals; he does not say what he did with it and I wrote several letters to him with enclosures, but he does not answer. Could you please check on what is happening? Soon I will have that much money again, which I will send to you as soon as I have a chance.

I'm taking care of the three highest ranking officers in the company and receive something extra per month, I eat good food while we are in camp, and I don't have too many occasions to spend money here. I am glad that you gave me my brother Georg's address. I will write him a letter as soon as possible.

We are now in this camp the second week and I don't know when we will be leaving here. We will definitively go to Vicksburg where I might go see my brother. The first of this month I saw Martin Kiefer in German Town and Memphis. He is doing well. So far I have not been in a battle.

In December 1862 and January we went marching, over Christmas and New Year's. We had a hard time and came within one mile to the rebels, but they escaped from our path. We marched over battlefields were I saw the graves and blood on the earth, trees destroyed by bullets, dead horses on mass. And now while I am writing this letter I can hear the canons not far from here. I could write so much more but time does not allow it.

So I have to close this letter, wishing you all the best and hoping that this war will soon come to an end and that I will see you all again.

Your eternally devoted son,
Ferdinand E. Eberlein
Company C 5th Regt Minn, Vols
Memphis, Tennessee

I am awaiting an answer soon and good news. 


TCasteel said...

Very interesting. He described what he saw when marching through an area where a battle was fought. But he doesn't mention the stench which had to have been horrible as well.
Theresa (Tangled Trees)

Skip Murray said...

I never thought of that, I bet it did smell bad!